About Odisha Leaders

Odishaleader.com has basically made to represent our leaders in front of society. Here we have kept detail information of each leaders who has been representing Odisha. This site is for those leaders and persons for whom we feel proud to be an "Odia". Here we have tried to focus on every sector of people who are leading our state towards the progress. They are from various fields like Politics, Business, Art, Social Activist, Sports, Media etc.

Vision Odisha Leaders

Through this portal our main aim is to create interface between common people and the leaders. As the leaders are representative of the common people, so it is a golden opportunity on the part of them to contribute in the journey towards state building, becoming an agent of change. The platform consists of Some Groups, with each Group focusing on a particular aspect of governance. Discussion forum for each group. Over time, the number of groups, tools to engage, tasks and discussions will increase thus enabling wider participation.

This platform is a wonderful opportunity for Political Leaders to get the best inputs and expand the talent pool that would consist of people across the length and breadth of Odisha. Here a common people keep sharing tasks, inputs and at the same time enrich the discussions with his vast experience and invaluable insight. He can also make complain against the system and the same time he can give suggestions. This platform is also helpful to the other leaders by interact with their well wishers, those who wants to know about their leaders.